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About Me


My name is Marcus Van Gorden and I am a 19 year old American living in China. After graduating high school I decided to do something different than everyone else and take a gap year. During this fall I enrolled in a program called Where There Be Dragons. With this program I spent 93 days touring China and fell in love with the country. I decided to return this spring and once again see china, as well as do a bit of traveling through South East Asia. I created this blog to keep in touch with home during my travels. Check back soon for regular updates!

5 Responses to About Me

  1. moo

    hey marcus,remember me? in Paksan district, Manolom guest house, how r u & where r u now? hope u fine yeah! good luck to u….

    • Marcus

      Hey moo. I’m great. I’m almost done my trip. I’ll be flying out of bangkok in about 10 days now. What an adventure it’s been!

  2. The Roderick Family

    Hi Marcus,
    Tate and i just read the blogs about your travels, very exciting! We think it is awesome that you took a year to travel through southeast Asia. I hope Tate can experience the world through travel one day. Have a safe trip home and we’ll see you back in Wallingford!
    The Rodericks :)

  3. René

    thats pretty wild man¡

    riding through cambodia¡ have a great time van¡

  4. Mrs. Revers

    Hey Marcus, I was just catching up with the entries (holiday weekend here so I have some time). I bet your trip is a lot more fun than writing my papers. The pics are beautiful; I’m sure that they are nothing compared to what you have witnessed that you could photograph.

    Take care; I’m still reading. (Weren’t you afraid of the trees in the Redwoods? They are so completely huge)

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